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Increase your cross selling

How easy it is?

step 1 MyBea app

List all the services on the Mybea software

step 2 MyBea app

Your guests book and purchase online

step 3 MyBea app

That’s it, it’s that simple!

all your services in one place

With MyBea, you set up your software the way you want!

surfer on his way - cross selling with mybea app

In addition to F&B orders, your guest can plan their day, comfortably seated on a sunbed.
They can book a paddle or a jet ski, a tennis lessons, a snorkeling excursion or SPA treatment… possibilities are endless!

VIP sections promoted with MyBea app

For All-inclusive resorts, you can promote VIP sections like cabanas or an adult only beach club!

hairdresser session - cross selling with mybea app

If you have partners around the venue, you can also list their services such as car rental, a night club, hair salon…etc

combine cross and up selling

The software helps up-selling as well!

When a guest orders a drink, and the property has the size above available – MyBea suggests it before validating the order.
(Ex: half bottle of water > full size bottle of water)

Cross-selling and up-selling combined, you increase the average customer basket value!

big and bigger bottle - upselling with MyBea app

Let’s work together on your success!

Would you like more information about Mybea software ? Our team is at your disposal to answer your questions.

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