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Digital menu

Today, almost all your customers have a smartphone and use it to consult, order, get information, flash a QR code, get a meal or a car delivered.

Almost all of your points of sale use a cash register software, a reservation software, a production software, a management software.

At MyBea, the sense of digitalization is focused on these two devices. How to make your customers’ smartphone communicate with your devices and software? The answer is via an API key, a classic nowadays!

We need 5 orders to generate new revenu with a return on investment for the venue…
The first five order paid your montly subscription, the sixth is your new incoming revenue, generate thanks to our software


in average per order

61,83 AED
16,83 USD /EUR

average amount per item

150 AED
40,81 USD / EUR

average order amount

See the menu and order

Why do it? In order to keep up with the pace of your customers that you can’t always guess.

Serve a customer on a deckchair, at a restaurant table at lunchtime, at a bar at the end of the day or in their room late at night.

You offer them the customer experience they want.

With MyBea, not only do you get a digital menu with customizable photos of YOUR drinks and dishes and descriptions.

But your guests can actually order from the menu!

Customer order from the MyBea app
jungle leafs mybea
micros logo - MyBea app
oracle logo - MyBea app
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Works with your POS

Connected to your POS, the orders are sent to the bar and the kitchen !

MyBea is connected to Micros Simphoni (Oracle) software.

During our free tests, whatever your cash register or production software, we provide a tablet, then once you are satisfied with MyBea, we finalize the development to connect our software and your software, a child’s play !

A more efficient staff

Think also of your waiters, after a dozen kilometers traveled between the room and the kitchen. They juggle from table to table and give of themselves to keep your customers satisfied.

Imagine putting at the disposal of the waiters, a tool available on smartphone, tablet, or connected watch and which allows them to rationalize their displacement, better communicate with the kitchen and the bar.

Imagine that by optimizing their movements they can take better care of all your customers, and always be in good shape to talk about your activities, your happy hour, your upcoming events, your partners and that they also have time to ask your customers if everything is going well for them…

Help your staff to be efficient - MyBea app

Let’s work together on your success!

Would you like more information about Mybea software ? Our team is at your disposal to answer your questions.

Send an email to, we want to hear from you!

+(33) 6 46 72 88 68

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